Season 1 (2017):  Technologies to Counter Extremism

Our current campaign is focused on developing technologies to help foster tolerance and counter extremism.  We are proud to have a great group of campaign partners.


The Govtech Alliance is committed to supporting the development of technological solutions that build tolerance and foster understanding across cultures in order to counter extremism.  We are doing so by teaming up with Angelhack - the world's largest and most diverse hackathon community, to sponsor a challenge called Code 4 Coexistence.

The Code 4 Coexistence Challenge is designed to inspire and mobilize one of the world's largest developer ecosystems.  We are asking developers to find technology solutions to build tolerance and foster understanding across cultures in order to counter extremism. Developers may use any technology or platform, all we ask is that it focuses on inclusivity, peace and understanding and does not specifically target a group of individuals based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race.

We’re looking for solutions that can make a meaningful, immediate impact in your local community, and/or solutions that have the potential to scale across borders.

The Prizes:

  • In each of the 25 cities selected, one finalist team will receive a $500 cash prize
  • From those 25 finalist teams, a top 3 teams will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges to receive a $2500 travel stipend per team to travel to London and pitch to leading investors for continued support of their solution

How Does the Judging Process Work?

  • For the city-based rounds, the judging panel for that city will select a finalist
  • Each finalist will be asked to complete a submission form to go on to the next round by August 7, 2017
  • For the finalist round, a panel of 3-5 judges will select the top teams based on their submissions to the above form
  • Finalists will be notified by August 21, 2017

The London event will take place between September-November 2017, with dates to be announced.

Where will the Challenge Take Place?

The challenge will take place in 25 cities:

San Francisco, USA May 6-7

Munich, Germany May 6-7

Abu Dhabi, UAE May 13-14

Atlanta, USA May 20-21

Barcelona, Spain May 20-21

Pune, India May 20-21

Helsinki, Finland May 27-28

Bogota, Colombia May 27-28

Seattle, USA May 27-28

Bangalore, India June 3-4

Berlin, Germany June 10-11

Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 10-11

New York City, USA June 10-11

Hyderabad, India, June 24-25

London, UK July 15-16

Singapore June 17-18

Osaka, Japan June 17-18

Santiago, Chile July 15-16

Dubai, UAE July 7-8

Mexico City, Mexico July 8-9

Seattle, USA July 15-16

Silicon Valley, USA July 29-30